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It's been 10 crazy years, and we're just getting warmed up.

BRND WGN started out to be a small boutique consultancy working through a network of freelancers - something went terribly off course.

10 years later, the horizon has expanded beyond our wildest expectations, yet we still feel like we’re only getting started.

Here’s an epic salute to all those who have touched our hearts, inspired us and stood on the front line with us.

Thanks for being there!


Behind the scenes

Our idea was to bring out the true spirit of BRND WGN using our very own manpower and equipment. 

We storyboarded the idea, sourced the props, carved a giant X and met up in a parking lot to shoot our 10th Anniversary video.

On the day, we took our positions. We recruited a corporate airline pilot to drive a black SUV at 60 km per hour, while filming at 400 frames per second. The entire video is a single 4 second shot.

Everyone’s action needed to be perfectly timed and executed a mere split second before the vehicle sped past. This was the trickiest part. After one rehearsal shot - the team was ready for action. 

Post-production we had a little bit of fun: we edited and tweaked some effects (which we obviously won’t reveal).