Sleek, professional and bold. This was what we wanted to achieve in building a new brand identity for Motors Inc, a newly merged market player in the automobile industry.

Mergers are never easy, more so if they involve 3 well-established and trusted brands, each with their own unique culture and customer base. Working with all stake holders, we managed to create a brand that symbolises strength in the market, born out of the unique value created by this merger. 

The circular shape of the logo represents the crucial wheel, and is a fundamental part of the final shield-inspired logo. The logo also subtly incorporates a ‘road’ icon representing the brand’s commitment to their customers’ journey, a ‘gears’ icon to evoke a passion for moving forward, and the letter M as the central component of the logo. 

We designed all of the accompanying typography, iconography, design and photography to perfectly reflect the transparency and security associated with the brand. With Motors Inc, what you see is what you get.

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