Richmond is a foundation which promotes mental wellbeing in Malta.

Our brief was to increase brand awareness among the national public while encouraging people to get in touch with Richmond to ask for mental health support. To achieve our objectives, we got our Strategy, Design and UX/UI teams together – here’s what we did.

  • Branding
  • Campaign
  • Digital
  • UX/UI
Brand Refresh

Richmond Foundation wanted their logo to be a visual metaphor for the reality, and struggle, of living with a mental health issue. The brand starts from a place of confusion, symbolising the immediate effect a mental health issue has when it first enters a person’s life.

As the ‘R’ grows, a path begins to emerge from the confusion, while a line grows into a more distinct path. Finally, the lines in the ‘R’ become more aligned, leading to an exit at the very top.

The brand is a direct reference to the transition a person will go through as they work towards better mental health, and a positive reminder that getting better is possible.

Brand Awareness Campaign

The brand refresh was an opportunity which led to the launch of a nationwide campaign, to communicate Richmond’s mission to promote mental health wellbeing and awareness.

A key driver for our campaign was authenticity. We featured real people who had used Richmond’s support to find their way to mental wellbeing.

Our campaign concept ‘Let’s find your way forward’ communicated that Richmond will be by your side to help you get better, whatever your current condition or state of mind, focusing on their ultimate brand purpose.

The concept was supported by the messaging “Take 10 minutes to…”, which explains that meaningful change can start from a 10-minute call with Richmond.

The campaign then developed into a second phase, backed by a colourful design application, to promote Richmond’s support freephone. We created three complementary marks, which we could use as a background overlays. Each market is an artistic expression of a different state of mind.

Website UX/UI

Finally, we needed to turn Richmond’s website into a place for everyone to get the information and support they need, as quickly as possible.

So our UX/UI team redesigned the website’s information architecture, facilitating the user journey for people in need of support, their friends and relatives, as well as for potential donors and investors.

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