When Malta’s leading communications services company wanted their customers to have all the phone numbers they needed at their fingertips, the GO Directory App was born.

One of our favorite clients, and the island’s original telecommunications company, GO, had asked us to create an App that could put hundreds of thousands of phone numbers at their 500,000+ customers’ fingertips.

So we designed the easy-to-use GO Directory App, which allows users to search the numbers of all registered phone and mobile telephony customers in Malta and Gozo. Downloadable for free, it was important that it could be accessed from both an Android and iOS device.

We wanted to make the user’s journey as seamless as possible, devising a neat and clean icon, whilst giving it a modern twist which oozes unique personality. Whilst still sticking to the classic and recognisable GO typography and predominantly orange color palette.

We kept the interface simple, so we worked closely with both the client and the development team to ensure that every possible route was catered for. This resulted in an App that is so straightforward, we’re confident that absolutely anyone can use it.

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