When designing and developing the portal of Malta’s leading insurance company, GasanMamo, our aim was to be informative, engaging and user friendly, reflecting the latest UI trends.

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  • UX/UI
  • Website
About the Project

When collaborating with GasanMamo Insurance, the main objective was to create an immersive, user-friendly experience to support the new portal. Implementing user interface best practices, the portal communicates critical information to its audience by providing excellent visual representations of complex and abstract data.

Project Goal

This project makes the process of buying an insurance product as easy as possible. A user’s flow has been optimised by splitting the purchase of an insurance policy into smaller sub-tasks. In addition, we introduced a designated space for the user to manage their policies.


In the low fidelity wireframing stage, the data displayed on each page was selected based on market research to facilitate the user’s journey and reduce any uncertainty.

User Dashboards

The portal experience was designed to be as straightforward as possible. For example, various visual cues were implemented, which help the user navigate more easily throughout the portal.

Quote & Buy

With the new portal, users are able to obtain quotes and purchase insurance products in a simple 6-step process. The user will then be able to access an insurance policy that can be downloaded immediately.

Instant Policy Download

Obtaining a quote and managing or buying an insurance product online provides great benefits to the end user. This portal saves users time, whilst also allowing the user to manage and instantly download their policies.

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