A breath of fresh air for the Maltese food industry, Olly’s Premium Eats asked us to craft a strong online campaign that pushes forward the genuine nature of their frozen meat products. The eureka moment arrived from our love for blog writing.

Newsfeeds have become oversaturated with adverts. We wanted to grab people’s attention as they’re scrolling through social media, without blatantly promoting Olly’s. 

We found that aesthetically pleasing and informative online food blogs tend to perform well. So an inspirational recipe blog featuring Olly’s specialty products seemed to be the ideal choice to spearhead the campaign.

We partnered up with Island Eats, an already-established popular food blog, to write and execute the recipes. The recipes themselves served as the primary content, but each blog entry ended with an Olly’s offer or advert directly related to the recipe.  

To bring the recipes to life, we created Facebook and Instagram cinemagraphs of the finished dishes. These helped the brand stand out visually, stopping potential customers from scrolling away by habit. 

Together with Google ads and Island Eats sharing the blog on their own platforms, the cross-promotion drove a lot of traffic to the Olly’s blog. This was a result of the effectively directed user journey, which helped steer customers towards picking Olly’s products from the supermarket shelf to recreate the blog’s recipes.

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