The lovely people at VSQUARED needed a new 
brand for their video storytelling company.

VSQUARED was born in 2008 from the grit and passion of two creative, adventurous women. After 11 years, a much bigger team and an impressive portfolio, we suggested they take a bold step and show off what they truly are.

  • Animation
  • Branding
Identity in motion

To VSQUARED, video is more than what they do. It’s what they are. With so many different projects up their sleeve, we explored an identity which is ever-changing and constantly in motion, just like their video productions.

An open trio

Today, there are three people at the heart of VSQUARED – all bold in their own special way. So we picked three fonts and customised them to represent each distinct identity, and three vibrant colours to go out with confidence.

VSQUARED like to do great work and have fun, so we kept that in mind to give them a brand they could enjoy and play with.


All fonts are designed to coexist in the same word, starting from the new logo to all other applications, and can be alternated each time.


For VSQUARED’s new icon system, we were inspired by something they see and interact with every day: the camera viewfinder.

The final result was a flexible brand the team of video storytellers could truly own and interact with. Edgy, strong and out-of-the-box. Just like VSQUARED.

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