BRND® Strategy
Brand Framework

Define your brand and lock it down for future success.

We offer brand framework services for large businesses who are repositioning, rebranding or redefining. This is an intensive exercise ideal for large brands with diverse audience types, expansive product/service offerings and multiple stakeholders. Using our proprietary framework we lay down the essential tiers of your brand across three levels: the experienced, the explicit and the intrinsic.

We then work with you and your teams to define your audiences and their state of play. This is the foundation on which all brands are built.

We can deliver: Brand purpose, brand proposition, brand principles and audience framework.

Who's it for? Brand managers or tier 2 management who are redefining their brand, entering a new market, re-branding, repositioning, merging businesses or moving away from a crisis situation.
Duration 2 – 4 weeks
Brand Framework Deck
Stakeholder Presentation (Optional)
Research and Discovery

This is our time to group-up and assemble the right team to kick-off our internal brief-up, align on the delivery of goals and prepare for your BRND® sprint workshop.

BRND® Sprint Workshop

It’s time to bring you and your team around a table to learn everything we can about your brand and challenge the thinking in the room. Years of perfecting this methodology ensures nothing is left unsaid and no stone is left unturned.

Brand Immersion

Let’s get involved with your team and carry out intensive, intimate research about your brand, this typically includes:

Staff interviews
Stakeholder interviews
Client 1:1 interviews
Immersion workshop

Data Interpretation

Everything is up for interpretation, so we make sure we take the time to turn assumptions into insights by analysing the data gathered from the brand immersion workshop.

Framework Builder

Let’s take a moment, gather the info and work towards building your tailored brand framework strategically, creatively and always lovingly.

Framework Refinery

Your draft brand framework is delivered, presented for discussion and for you to challenge. Throughout this phase we use your knowledge and expertise to make your framework the best possible.