Our three principles
Challenge Everything

Challenge yourself and those around you. Always ask why. Play the Devil’s advocate, get into the nitty-gritty, question the current thinking and seek insight into everything you do. This is how we ensure there is an honest purpose to everything we do.

Be Brutally Honest

With yourself, your team and your clients. When you are bold enough to challenge with honesty, only then can you create a safe space for sincere responses. Be honest in your recommendations, in what can be achieved and what can be delivered. Seek the truth and be brave enough to put it out there for all to see.

Have Fun

Between being rich and being happy, always choose happy.

The Perks
Icon for Unlimited learning 

Unlimited learning 

Mentorship, online learning, training abroad and personal development opportunities of your choice.

Icon for Mental health days 

Mental health days 

The space to deal with the tough stuff that comes your way, when life happens.

Icon for Health insurance 

Health insurance 

Full health coverage.

Icon for Free gym membership 

Free gym membership 

Stay fit and healthy.

Icon for Free snacks in the kitchen 

Free snacks in the kitchen 

All-day, every day. 

Icon for Beer Fridays

Beer Fridays

FFF - Fuck it, Fridays at Five. Every last Friday of the month we finish early and grab a beer together. 

Icon for Christmas and summer parties

Christmas and summer parties

A chance to let off steam and celebrate our hard work.

Icon for Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback

Weekly check-ins and catch-ups every 6 months.

Icon for Remote working

Remote working

Work anywhere you find inspiration.

Icon for Your own Apple laptop

Your own Apple laptop

Replaced every 3 years and yours to keep once recycled.

Icon for Creative space

Creative space

An office with a green wall, quiet area, group rooms, sofas, football table, kitchen, XBox and roof terrace.

Icon for WGN Talks

WGN Talks

Knowledge sharing talks by teammates.